• Did jack shat today. Oops.
  • I find tampons errywhere
  • I found $500 worth of savings bonds (well actually $801 and still accruing interest). The P.O.D person is my step-grandfather who passed away this morning.
  • On 8-12-11 I had $12.27 in my account.
  • I have a sim card back from the Cingular Wireless days
  • I have enough thank you cards to last me for the rest of my life
  • I have Happy Bunny and The Office Valentines I never got the chance to give out (hashtag the lamest)
  • I was so dreadfully young during my Beaver phase. I am painfully aware of that because I scribbled his initials/name a lot. I had it bad. One of which is his full name with a heart dated 5 years ago today. jfc.
  • "We could sell blood & semen." "Carr!" "What? Not together."

I have a bunch of legal pads and note-cards that would love a new home.

If you want them, they’re yours!


Original Poster by Nick Cross


Original Poster by Nick Cross

Anaconda the Educational Version

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‘be my friend’ i whisper as i continue to reblog yet another post from you

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if finland’s country border isnt called the finnish line then i have nothing to live for